Bargain Alert – Allen Fly Fishing BOGO Fly Rod Offer

This kind of offer doesn’t happen very often, so we wanted to get word out quickly.  2-for-1 fly rods (Buy-One-Get-One, or Bogo) offered by Allen Fly Fishing, a niche player that makes several lines of rods, reels, and a bunch of good value fly fishing accessories.

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Fly Rod Bargain Alert – On Sale

This looks like a great way to get your hands on a couple entry- to mid-level fly rods.  If you don’t need 2 new rods, perhaps buddy up with a friend.

The nice thing about this offer is, that you can mix-and match, so the rods don’t need to be of the same model or even type to get 2-for-1.

That said, it’s clear that the offer is only good “while supplies last,” and it’s not clear how deep their stock is.

We checked several outlets that sell Allen rods, and it appears to us so far that the offer is only through the Allen website direct.

As of today, April 18, 2021 at 7:30 PST / 10:30 EST time, Allen’s website looks like this:

It’s not clear to us whether this is an overstock situation, or a marketing exercise, but it sure got our attention.

Allen Fly Fishing manufacturers and sells several lines of rods, reels, and accessories.  If not one of the most widely known companies, we find a number of their accessories to be super convenient and cost effective, competing with other quality up-and-comers such as FishPond and others.

I already use their Spring Creek Fishing Reel & Gear bag, which is the primary place I keep my reels when not using them, pictured here:

Other gear I’m intrigued by, but haven’t had enough experience with yet to give you advice on are their Gunnison Switch Pack (convertible between day pack and fishing sling pack), and their Cottonwood Fly Rod Case.  The micro chest pack also looks interesting, but I already have one that serves me well from FishPond.  You can check out a number of their accessories here:

To get the fly rod BOGO offer you’ll need to go directly to their website sale page at Sale – Rod BOGO – Allen Fly Fishing.  We earn no commission off the Allen website, though we would off any Amazon purchases.

Tight lines till the next Bargain Alert!

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