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Fly Fishing Trivia – National Trivia Day

What a better way to spend a winter day – than with a little fly fishing trivia about our favorite sport.  We have compiled a list of fun and interesting Q&A – we hope that these facts make your day!  Unless of course, you’re actually out winter steelheading, or cold weather trout or salmon fishing….

Real simple – we start with 10 questions, take your best shot at answering them, even write your answers down.  Then, and only then, take a look at the answers further down in our post.  Good luck and have fun!

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Trivia Questions

  1. When was fly fishing invented, how far back does the sport go?
  2. What were fly lines originally made from?
  3. How many different kinds of knots does a basic fly fishing line include, from backing to tippet?
  4. How many main types of flies are there?
  5. Who introduced the primary new and innovative fly-tying techniques that are still in use today?
  6. What are the two most popular types of fish that fly fisherman typically fish for?
  7. What are the two main types of fly fishing?
  8. How long do fly fishing rods typically measure, in feet, shortest and longest?
  9. You can participate in fly fishing in both ____ and ____ water.
  10. What is Mary Orvis Marbury famous for bringing to the sport of fly fishing?

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Trivia Answers

  1. Fly fishing is an ancient form of angling dating back to 200 AD.
  2. Originally fly fishing lines were commonly made of braided horsehair.
  3. A basic fly fishing line includes 5 different knots.
  4. There are 5 main types of flies; dry, wet, nymphs, streamers, bucktails, terrestrials.
  5. In the 1940-50’s Helen Shaw introduced new and innovative fly-tying techniques that are still in use today.
  6. Fly fisherman typically fish for trout and salmon, though of course many other fresh and salt water species are sought after.
  7. There are 2 main types of fly fishing; wet and dry.
  8. Fly fishing rods measure between 7-11 feet. Specialty short and spey rods may be shorter or longer, but the majority of rods fall in the 7-11 foot range.
  9. You can participate in fly fishing in both salt and fresh water.
  10. In 1982 Mary Orvis Marbury created the first (we might dispute the first part, but that’s what the trivia experts say!) book of fly patterns.

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