Caddis Nymph – Chartreuse

Want to tie exactly what you need at very low cost, or try out a new fly, without buying more expensive materials than you need? Then try our “just enough” fly tying material kits and packets. This kit includes materials for a chartreuse wire caddis nymph, also known as the electric caddis nymph. This life-like fly works well in streams with lighter green caddis, as it does equally well in streams with darker caddis green to grab their attention as an attractor. Plastic tubing around the wire not only makes the body segments realistic, but together with the buggy yet simple thorax and black beadhead make this fly very durable. Follow our step by step instructions, and your flies will turn out just like this picture. Choose packet A, B, or C to get exactly what you need, no more, no less.



All orders come with hooks and all materials needed to tie the flies, with the one exception of thread for which we’ll provide a recommended color and thickness. Fly tying tools not included, for recommended tools please see our article Fly Tools & Tying for Beginners: 3 Steps to Start Fly Tying for Under $100.

Pack A – Material For 5 Flies

Pack B – Material For 10 Flies

Pack C – Material For 25 Flies

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