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Fly Tying Kit – Wooly Bugger



Want to tie exactly what you need at very low cost, or try out a new fly, without buying more expensive materials than you need? Then try our “just enough” fly tying material kits!

This kit includes materials for a Wooly Bugger (also known as Woolly Bugger). A proven and popular pattern, it works well in streams and lakes alike, for trout, bass, and panfish.  Also, when tied with an egg-head and sometimes with rubber legs, it is also effective for salmon and steelhead.

wooly bugger

Nice rainbow trout on a black beadhead Woolly Bugger.

Follow our step-by-step instructions, and your flies will turn out well. Choose packet A, B, or C to get exactly what you need, no more, no less.

  • A includes materials for 5 flies, in 1 color (black) and size (2 long).
  • B includes materials for 10 flies, in 2 colors (black and olive) and sizes (2 long and 8 long), with bead heads (optional).
  • C includes materials for 25 flies, in 3 colors (black, olive, brown) and 2 sizes (2 long and 8 long).  We also include several cone heads and beads (optional), and bright chenille for egg-head patterns (optional).

Packets available:

A – Material For 5 Flies, with instructions.

B – Material For 10 Flies, with instructions.

C – Material For 25 Flies, with instructions.

All orders come with hooks and all materials needed to tie the flies, with one exception.  For thread we’ll provide a recommended color and thickness.  That way, you’ll have a full spool for tying more flies and won’t need to work with shorter strands.  

For a lot more about the Wooly Bugger, see our article at More About The Woolly Bugger.

Fly tying tools not included.  For recommended tools please see our article Fly Tools & Tying for Beginners: 3 Steps to Start Fly Tying for Under $100.

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