Squirmy Wormy – Red Beadhead

Want to tie exactly what you need at very low cost, or try out a new fly, without buying more expensive materials than you need? Then try our “just enough” fly tying material kits and packets.

This kit includes materials for a red beadhead squirmy wormy, a highly effective rubber worm take-off on the San Juan Worm.  This all-around fly works especially well after rainfall that results in more aquatic and terrestrial worms available to fish. This fly is very durable, yet is relatively easy to tie.

Follow our included step by step instructions for best results. Choose packet A, B, or C to get exactly what you need (plus a little extra for redos and mistakes), without paying for more than you need.  Packets B & C include multiple color, design, and size variations.

Pack A – Material For 5 Flies (1 color and size)

Pack B – Material For 10 Flies (including 2 color and size variations)

Pack C – Material For 25 Flies (including 3 color and size variations)

Each order comes with a material list, step-by-step instructions, extra materials to account for redo’s and fixes, and a receipt. Pack A has enough high quality material for 5 flies, in the most common size and color. Pack B has enough for 10 flies, in 2 sizes and / or color variations. Pack C has enough for 25 flies, in 3-5 size and/or color variations. Thank you for your order! Please let us know of any other flies you’d like us to provide using our contact page.

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